Day 1

Racial Greetings ,

Welcome to our humble  blog. We must apologize for the present underdevelopment as we have just established it. In due time , this will become the go-to for those  whose research requires unbiased historical fact free from dogmatic  Marxist revisionism in regard to the Invisible Empire, as well as an informative introduction to the GCK, the 7th era, membership applications , and an eclectic array of philosophical , esoteric , theological , etc treatises and essays as authored by Klansmen. 


Author: gck337

Welcome to the GCK : The Global Crusaders :Order of the Ku Klux Klan is an ethno-nepotistic family oriented organization dedicated to the preservation and interests of the Indo-European people worldwide. We seek intelligent men and women of good moral character and eugenic biological disposition who will contribute to their fullest capacity their dedication to this glorious Order. The GCK is a meta-religious community of spiritualist scholars diligently seeking to reveal the esoteric congruencies among all Indo-European faiths so that we might better understand our origins, pursue gnosis and enjoy collective solidarity free from religious strife . Factionalism, drama ,egoism , or any form of degeneracy whatsoever will not be tolerated in the least. Together we will destroy the Cultural Marxist parasite and restore glory to the Aryan Peoples. Hail to Victory 33/7

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